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Adoption FAQs

Adoption FAQs

For security purposes access to the Sanctuary is by appointment only.
To make an appointment to come and visit the kitties — please call us at least a day in advance at (719) 900-CATS (2287). Otherwise come and see us at our PetCo adoption fairs on Saturdays from 12noon-4p.m. More details below.
Thank you for your understanding!

What is the adoption fee?
The adoption fee is:
$95.00 for one cat/kitten — up to 5 months old
$180.00 for two kittens — up to 5 months old
$75.00 for one kitten (older than 5 months) OR an adult cat
$125.00 for one kitten (older than 5 months) AND one adult cat
$125.00 for two 2 adult cats
$50.00 spay/neuter deposit is required for each kitten that has not been sterilized. Your deposit is returned upon proof of sterilization.

What do the fees include?
The fee includes spay/neuter, rabies shot, FVRCP shots (until pickup), and deworming.

Is a deposit required?
We do not take deposits to HOLD cats/kittens. You must fill out an application, be approved, and pay the adoption fees for the cat/kitten you choose. If a kitten isn’t ready to be released, we call this a “Pending Pick-up Adoption”. NOTE: ADOPTION is not final until the cat/kitten has been picked up. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and will be forfeited if the adopter fails to complete the adoption (i.e., pick up the cat/kitten when they are ready to be released).

When would the cat/kitten be available?
Our guideline is that a kitten has to be 2 months old and weigh a minimum of 2 pounds before he/she can be released.

When are your Adoption Fairs?
Wild Blue Adoption Fairs are always held from 12noon until 4 pm:

  • 1st/3rd Sat— Springs East – Constitution and Powers location; 3050 N. Powers Blvd (Kohl’s Shopping Center)
  • 2nd/4th Sat— Springs North – Union & Powers location; 9690 Prominent Point (Target Shopping Center)

***NOTICE*** We are now hosting open hours at the rescue on most Saturdays from 12noon to 4pm, as well, so you can come out and meet the adults who just don’t enjoy the adoption events at the stores. Call us to make an appointment at 719-900-CATS (2287)