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Alternatives to Surrender

Alternatives to Surrender

Before you decide to give up your precious friend, please review our list of possible alternatives.

We understand that situations can arise that may cause you to question whether keeping your family member is the best option for you or for the cat/kitten.  If, despite your best efforts, it is necessary to give them up, we are here to help. Our goal is to find a happy, purrfect home for every cat or kitten in our care.

Check out this very informative article on ‘How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Up Your Furniture’ (from the newsletter) — How to Stop Furniture Scratching

Are you moving/or don’t have adequate housing?
Finding a pet-friendly rental has honestly never been easier. Please see the following websites for list of pet-friendly rental apartments in the Colorado Springs area.

Inability to pay for needed veterinary care or food/supplies?
If you cannot afford veterinary care, the Hamlett Spay/Neuter Clinic, in Colorado Springs, provides comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care (including vaccinations) for pets of the economically disadvantaged. Their phone number is (719) 475-1800.

You can also contact Harley’s Hope Foundation for details on their application process for financial assistance with medical/surgery costs. Their phone number is (719) 495-6083.

Help with veterinary bills

If you have a temporary situation and cannot afford to pay for pet food or supplies, please contact us at (719) 900-CATS (2287)  or send an email to wildblueanimalrescue@gmailcom. If we have extra supplies, we may be able to help you until you get back on your feet.

Too many cats/unexpected litter?
If you simple have too many cats or your cat has an unexpected litter of kittens, please call us at (719) 900-CATS (2287) for help before ever abandoning your precious friend and/or her babies. Click here for complete information on our surrender policy/procedures.


Please be sure to try contacting other rescue organizations who may have space open up before we can help. Check this referral list Other Rescue Options for rescues in surrounding areas such as Woodland Park, Castle Rock and Denver.