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Data & Statistics

Data & Statistics

Per Wild Blue’s most recent partnership with Maddie’s Fund (Innovation Grants) and in accordance to the good work being done at Shelter Animals Count, Wild Blue tracks the number of cats and kittens moving in and out of our care every month using a tool called the Basic Data Matrix.

Our 2017 statistics are in a Google Doc Sheet which is available to the public. Take a look!


2016 Animal Statistics

In 2016, we took in 158 adoptable cats and 387 adoptable kittens. That adds up to 545 felines in need.

Of those intakes, we adopted out 158 adults and 337 kittens, for a total of 495 felines adopted. That’s an adoption rate of 90.83%!

6 adult cats and 35 kittens passed in our care. Being a rescue, we get a number of emergency situation calls where it’s too late to do anything but keep the kitties warm and comfortable for their passing and ensure their remains are properly cared for. We consider this act of final kindness just as important as rehoming our healthy kitties.

Of the 545 cats and kittens brought to us in 2016, 7 kitties were determined to have an untreatably poor quality of life and were gently euthanized. Our 2016 euthanasia rate is less than 1%, and it’s used only in situations where the cat or kitten’s quality of life is deemed poor, painful and untreatable by a licensed veterinarian. We do NOT euthanize kitties with FIV or cats with terminal conditions until their quality of life deteriorates to the point of vet recommended euthanasia.

Our Annual Live Release Rate in accordance to the Shelter Animals Count Formula for an individual agency is 100%. The Annual Live Release Rate does not include 44 cats that died or were lost in our care.